6 Financial tips to reflect on this Father’s Day

This Sunday is Father’s Day, a time to spend with our families reflecting on all the special memories and things our fathers have done for us. Whether those memories were having your dad attend childhood sports games, driving you to and from college, or giving parental advice at a grandchild’s birth; one that most likely takes you back is the old financial tips. Fathers want their children to succeed in all that they do.  They want them to make [...]

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Tips for choosing a life insurance beneficiary

Choosing a beneficiary for your insurance policy could be a decision which may not be as easy as you think. A beneficiary receives your assets when you die, but deciding who that person should be, is not always just a matter of choosing someone. Your policy rules and state laws may affect or perhaps restrict your choices. So, when deciding who your insurance beneficiary should be, it is important to ensure sure you are aware of your policy and [...]

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The Life Insurance Gender Gap

Women: It’s time for you to close the gender gap in life insurance ownership. Just 47% of women have life insurance coverage versus 58% of men, according to the 2021 Insurance Barometer Study by Life Happens and LIMRA, insurance industry groups. Yet women are just as likely to need life insurance as men. Just for a moment close your eyes and think of ALL the things you did yesterday, what you’re doing today and what you will do tomorrow.  Now [...]

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Graduation Gifts

Without a doubt as it pertains to graduation gifts “cash is king,” but other financial gifts can have a much larger impact.  Whether high school or college, graduation launches students into all the financial responsibility of adulthood.  So what better time to help the graduate in your life get started on the road to successfully navigating their own finances. Let’s explore which gifts would be the most helpful and yet practical that you may want to consider: Help with bills [...]

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